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"To the world you might be one person,but to one person you just might be the world" Welcome to my page :O) man, oh man where should i start. there is soooo much to talk about. I luv to be happy, and there is nothing better then being surrounded by friends and family. its a lonely world without them. i'm sick of hanging out with chicks...i need a man in my life. :o) i'm a goof ball that luvs to talk crap. lol, i luv to laugh, and when i do its contagious. i am a very kind person and devote my all to whoever i date. Sometimes i think my kindness towards men is my weakness. i'm not jealous, or overly clingy...believe it or not, i'm not even psycho! lol and, i think thats why i'm still single. i think guys like crazy chicks, and i refuse to play that role. i am pretty much looking for a down to earth, cool, calm guy to spend time with...and maybe move on to a serious relationship. i need someone to keep me on my toes, someone to pal around with. In life, my number one goal is to have a family to go home to, that would be my definition of ULTIMATE SUCCESS, and HAPPINESS! being singles fun, but i don't want to be a 50yr old lady that is lonely and has tons of cats. haha we were given to hands to hold, 2legs 2walk, 2eyes 2 see, but only 1heart because the other one was given to someone for us to find....and i know that i'm ready to find it!.... my interests are listed above, overall i'm extremely easy to please, i make the best out of every situation, so it really doesn't matter where i go or what i do, as long as i am in good company. I am always open to learn, and am willing to pick up new hobbies/interest if you're willing to teach me. lol before i go, i have a warning for u... I AM THICK! hee hee i am porportioned, so dont worry :O). please,please,please don't be discouraged to email me due to my popularity on this site (lmao) i've seriously only been on a couple dates with men off here. i am extremely scared of meeting a internet stalker. lol Ummmm I am a open book, so if u want to know anything....ask away.
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