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Most of my life people have said I was weird. OK, I know I'm different, but I've got the same basic moral values as your so called normal person. A friend once told me he could take me on a date to a large hardware store or book store, & I'd be perfectly happy. Hey, now, I do like going out dining & dancing on occassion, too. Of course, sitting at home watching movies isn't so bad either............ I am a hopeful romantic woman in search of the "REAL GENTLEMAN" that I know exists on this planet somewhere! I enjoy: entertaining & being entertained; stimulating conversation; staying at home relaxing & spending meaningful time together with that special person; sharing hopes & dreams & the making of memories; sitting on the porch swing with someone special; going out at night to look at the stars; getting together with a few friends & making music (I love to sing & have done so professionally); playing my saxophone; reading (sci-fi & fantasy & poetry). I am: Completely Trustworthy/faithful to mate, kind, caring, honest, giving, compassionate to others, and supportive of mate! I am also willing to try to enjoy what you do even if it is a new experience to me - unless it is deemed unsafe or illegal. I have a great sense of humor, but do not like humor that offends others. looking for a gentleman that is honest, sincere, friendly, trustworthy, respectful, kind, & genuine. He is able to look beneath the surface & find the beauty of a soul. He likes to share conversation & talk about anything & everything - what ever comes natural, no hidden agenda. He listens well & cares about what I have to say. He is eclectic, expressive & direct. He is intense & passionate & can be subtle & seductive. He is above average in intelligence & has a great sense of humor. He is adventurous, playful, courageous, protective & confident - sometimes a bit cocky & arrogant. He will enjoy some or all of these things: romantic interludes, amusement parks, snuggling, street fairs, antiquing, picnics, surprises, movies, poetry, music, arts & theater, live performances, animals, nature, dancing, watching the sun rise or set, looking at the stars at night hoping to catch a meteor shower, & the making memories.....
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